Hmmmm. What is it about winter and the awards season? I’ve recently had requests to assist clients/prospective clients with at least nine award entries covering five different industry/professional sectors. They are all due around mid August! Given that most can’t be prepared a long way in advance, because end of year financials are required or there is only a short window of preparation time, it’s impossible to do them all. Some are only a couple of thousand words, but others are up to 12,000 so they can take a lot of time. So if you are thinking about having an entry written or simply edited, please give me as much notice as possible. Reading through the criteria and getting together all your documentation, bullet points on key facts etc, can really save time (and fees). Awards are interesting beasts too. Often it’s senior management who want the award/s done, and they pass the job to already busy staff who may not have the time or the writing skills for the project. So this can create quite a few internal pressures, particularly when a lot of information/internal research is required. However, clients often have a great opportunity to review their businesses through the awards process. And, of course, if you’re up on that stage accepting the award, it’s a huge boost for internal morale. Awards represent best practice, so they can be a very powerful third party endorsement for your organisation. A tip if you’re thinking about entering an award: keep a folder into which you regularly put all information which could help the entry. It makes the whole process a lot less daunting in the end.